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11th Annual Guac Off

Thank you for making this year's guac off a huge success!

What is the Guac Off?

What started 11 years ago as a backyard party focused on eating a bunch of guacamole has grown to a September staple in San Francisco. Join your friends and neighbors in celebration of the almighty avocado!

You, your friends, and your neighbors are the judges. You’ll be asked to vote with your eyes, your heart, and of course, your taste buds. If you bring a guacamole, you're going home with a prize!

A view framed by trees of a party where a few hundred people look towards the camera and stage where prizes are given out. The image has light strung between the trees framing the shot.

The Rules

  • Your guacamole must use at least 8 avocados
  • Bring something: Guacamole, beer, cash for merch, or friends
  • We've got the chips, the music, and the prizes covered
A gif of an avocado surrounded by rotating colors.


San Francisco
Bernal Mountain


September 10th, 2022
1pm until the last chip is gone!


We love guacamole, community,
San Francisco, warm
September days, and you!

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